Social Action– Getting Involved

Attend Social Justice Conference in May

Learn more at Some Scholarships will be available for this event in DC.

Attend WRJ Central District Convention in Cleveland, Nov 9-11


Guest speakers: Blair Marks, Kathryn Fleisher, Eileen Saffran

WRJ Women Act August Webinar: Campus Sexual Assault

As female students are returning to campus, it is three times more likely for them to be at risk of sexual assault. This increases to four times for those not in higher education institutions.

Join WRJ on August 21st at 1 p.m. ET to hear about what rights students have and how we can advocate for a safer future. Our featured speaker is Anne Hedgepeth, the Director of Federal Policy at the American Association of University Women.
View the webinar on Youtube:

Pluralism in Israel Board Statement Approved 2017-9-27

The WRJ Board passed a Statement about Pluralism in Israel at our online conference in September, 2017.
WRJ is committed to advancing religious pluralism and equal rights for women and minorities in Israel and works collaboratively with the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) and other organizations to secure the rights and well-being of Jews wherever they live. WRJ’s commitment to and interest in Israel is best demonstrated by the many times it has spoken out for and about Israel through statements and resolutions. Since 1915, WRJ has issued almost 100 statements and resolutions that relate to Israel. In 1993, WRJ passed a resolution on Pluralism in Israel reaffirming our commitment to religious pluralism in Israel and our support of religious rights for all Israelis.
Read the full statement

1- Click on the graphic above to listen to the webinar about Advocacy and the Urgency of NOW.

Learn about what WRJ is doing, in conjunction with the Religious Action Center, about the political climate we are dealing with now. The discussion is about the “Urgency of Now” campaign, and what and how WRJ is involved in various social action agendas and venues. The main speakers, sharing information, are Barbara Weinstein of the RAC, and then Rabbi Marla Feldman, Executive Director of WRJ

On the webinar, we mentioned a few new resources for you to use. You can access the WRJ 2017 Advocacy Plan and the Social Action Ring Toolkit in the WRJ Women Act Resource Center.

Also, please consider joining the WRJ Yammer Advocacy group. Resources will also be posted in the Advocacy group, which is a great place to learn and share about issues you are interested in. If you do not yet have a Yammer account, please email to request access

2- Speaking Truth to Power Webinar .

Published on Apr 6, 2017

An online training on how to use face-to-face meetings to develop relationships with and influence local, state and national legislators. We will cover what you need to do before, during and after the meeting to make your lobby visit compelling and effective.

Click below to watch recordings of the monthly webinars you may have missed.

Pink Shabbat & Women’s Health (Sept 2017)
SCOTUS (Oct 2017)
Immigration Reform (Nov 2017)
Reproductive Rights (Jan 2018)
Human Trafficking (March 2018)
Equal Pay Day (April 2018)
Gun Violence Prevention (May 2018)

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