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WTBE is a vibrant group open to anyone and everyone in the community who wants to delve into Jewish life. WTBE enhances the Jewish experience through Fun, Friendship, Education and Advocacy

WRJ Reproductive Campaign; WTBE is Michigan Cohort

Michigan is one of 9 states with dangerously outdated laws on the books that criminalize abortion. Without protections provided by Roe in place, Michigan’s 1931 abortion law would criminalize doctors who perform abortions, making them guilty of a felony.

We are part of Central District WRJ- get involved

Expand your horizons! Take part in events with other women in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia
WTBE Gift Shop -

WTBE Gift Shop -

The WTBE Giftshop is going Virtual with special items-
We are the only Judaica gift shop in town and we are proud of that and the service we give to the community.
WTBE Activities

WTBE Activities

WTBE is taking a brief vacation from its many programs. Look for updates as we restart our program in the fall - bot virtually and we hope to see many of you at some in person programming

Women of TBE

Building a sustainable future requires involvement from all of us. Women of TBE is an organization of women who come together for friendship, support, community, activism, learning and spiritual growth.

…encourages members to meet new people, renew acquaintances, and expand our networks…

    …provides a useful and satisfying way to support our congregation and our community…

         …opens opportunities for the creative energy, talents, and leadership potential of all its members

            …offers a supportive environment where every woman can delve deeper into Jewish life…

               …gives members a worldwide identity and a voice through our affiliation with Women of Reform Judaism


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