WTBE Board

President: Trina Fuller– [email protected]

President-Elect: Stephanie Newell — [email protected]

Co-VPs Communication: Nancy Terry, [email protected], Sheila Daskins, [email protected]

Yuni Aaron – VP Fundraising and Social Action– [email protected]

Esther Rosenthal, VP Programming– [email protected]

Stephanie Newell, Treasurer– [email protected]

Barbara Burstein, Recording Secretary-  [email protected]

Noreen DeYoung, Past President– [email protected]

Emily Miller, Corresponding Secretary– [email protected]

Come to Lunch: Eva Taylor

Facebook: Susan Harris

Hamantashen Sale: Janine Chey

New Year’s Card: Pat McCune

Bulb Sale:

Break-the-Fast: Emily Wachsberger

Gift Shop: Ava Adler, Yuni Aaron


Past Presidents

Starting in 1967:
1967-1968 Sharon Freund / Sharon Newman
1968-1969 Jeanne Perlman Z”L
1969-1971 Roberta Stick
1971-1972 Maxine Propp and Joan Sherman
1972-1973 Ruthmary Cohen Z”L
1973-1974 Bernice Mark Z”L
1974-1976 Marilyn Jeffs
1976-1980 Judy Chapman
1980-1981 Bobbi Heilveil and Lynn Klein
1981-1982 Bobbi Heilveil
1982-1984 Jackie Moore
1984-1985 Nan Gill
1985-1986 Eva Taylor
1986-1988 Fredda Unangst
1988- 1990 Hillary Handwerger Z”L
1990-1991 Hillary Murt and Hillary Handwerger Z”L
1991-1992 Hillary Handwerger and Bobbi Heilveil
1992-1993 Kathy Rhodes
1993-1994 Elizabeth Solomon and Arlene Dietz Z”L
1994-1996 Deborah Linkner
1996-2000 Kathy Stiefel (Smiley)
2000-2001 Leslie Maloff
2001-2002 Elizabeth Sikkinga
2002-2006 Andy Ludwig
2006-2008 Tina Bissell
2008-2010 Hillary Handwerger Z”L
2010-2012 Sally Brieloff
2012-2014 Helaine Reid
2014-2015 Hillary Handwerger
2015-2018 Noreen DeYoung

2018-2020 Trina Fuller

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