Dine with the Women of TBE

Monday, Sept 23
Dead Wood Bar, Northville

18730 Northville Rd, Northville, MI 48168

Contact Eva Taylor at Sebachtay@aol.com 734-995-5700 by Aug 12 to RSVP so we can hold a table large enough.

Carpool leaves the TBE back lot at 12:00 pm for those restaurants out of the area, or meet for lunch 12:30 pm

Upcoming Lunches:


9/23- Dead Wood Bar, Northville
10/23- Maiz, Mexican Cantina in Ypsilanti
11/12- Lan City, Chinese Restaurant

12/12- Salt Springs Brewery, Saline


1/7- Everest Sherpa, Napalese Restaurant, Washtenaw

2/24- Carlyle

3/25- Mediterrao

4/23- Dalit, Vietnamese Restaurant

5/28- Casablanca, Morrocan and Middle Eastern Fooe

6/22- Cantaro, Plymouth


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