May 11- Monday with Mitch 8pm

Human Touch

A new serialized story of hope during the coronavirus pandemic, set in the moment we are all living through together. “Human Touch” is being written by Mitch Albom in the present, one week at a time. 
Set in a small town in Michigan, “Human Touch” follows the lives of four families who share a single street corner. As the strange new virus takes root in America, the once neighborly corner begins to fray, and a tradition of Saturday gatherings unravels. Some pull closer together. Some drift into mistrust and distance. A doctor must make severe choices. A pastor struggles with faith versus law. A Chinese-American couple is suddenly ostracized. And a unique little boy with an inexplicable power becomes the key to hope and a way out of the crisis. Until he suddenly disappears.
The links will appear in future Newsletters.  We will start with Chapter 1 on May 4th.  We will soon be listing Zoom information.  Drinks/wine/beer optional

May 3- Baking with Bobbi, 11:00am-12:30.

On your computer with Zoom.  Join us for a fun evening of visiting, baking, smoozing. 
 Link to join the conversation is below.

Here is the recipe:


Time: May 3, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 908 468 4686

April 29 at 5:30-6:30.  Schmooze and Booze

Join us and visit with your friends, safely on zoom. 

Topic:  WTBE Virtual Happy Hour
Time: Apr 29, 2020 05:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 908 468 4686

March 7, 2020-  See LUNGS with the Women of TBE.  Put on by Kickshaw Theater.

The world is getting hotter, there’s unrest overseas—the seas themselves aren’t very calm—and one couple is thinking about their future. Duncan Macmillan’s chamber drama follows a couple through the surprising lifecycle of their relationship, as they grapple with questions of family and change, hope, betrayal, happenstance, and the terrible pain that you can only cause the people you love. An intimate look at epic questions of chance, change, and consequence.

Feb 2, 9- alligraphy (with illumination) in two sessions, led by Marianne Aaron.  2:30-5:30pm.  More information at

Jan 11, 2020- Membership Appreciation Function










April 6- Knitting-  scarfs- cancelled

April 24-  Visit to Downtown Synagogue and D’Mongo’s Speakeasy, Detroit; will try to reschedule in Summer or Fall
Services and Dinner at historic Downtown Synagogue in Detroit.  Cheese sandwiches, drinks and music afterwards at D’Mongo’s Speakeasy, next door.  Original link to the Purple Gang.  See the art, enjoy the best cheese sandwich in US, listen to the music.

May 4- knitting- scarfs- possibly some work online with knitting or crocheting project.

Jan 6 and 13, 2020–  Crocheting a kippah, part 2- a little fancier if you want

We have added a third session, Jan 6 at Hillary’s home. We will go over single crochet, and learn double crochet. The following session, will be held on Jan 13, in the area in front of the gift shop. This time we will learn to integrate single, double, perhaps even triple crochet stitches to come up with fancy, lacy, individual kippot for ourselves.

Dec 2, in the Adult Lounge, 7-8:30

Crochet a kippah

This program will run Dec and January.  If you attend both programs, you may get 2 kippurim out of it.  The first kippah we make will be a simple single and double crochet.  I will purchase both white and natural color crochet threads for the project.  If you want to add school colors– maze and gold or green, I will have some of that also for you to use.  Cost for both sessions is $10.  You will get crochet thread and a size 6 crochet hook.

Nov 18, at TBE in the Adult Lounge, 7:30-9:30

What’s Up?  WhatsApp

Join us as we learn about new and safer ways to communicate.

Jim Keen will be working with us as we discover, or become more expert at snapchat, facebook, twitter, instagram, WhatsApp.

Jim Keen started Keen Focus Technology Tutoring back in 2013.  He is a teacher, business owner, husband, and father of two.  He developed his curiosity for “how things work” as a child back in the 1970s while tinkering (unsupervised) with an electro-mechanical pinball machine in his basement.  After successfully rigging the machine to play free games without “tilting,” and without electrocuting himself, Jim progressed into the world of 1980s computing with Apple’s Mac SE.  He began troubleshooting technical problems for friends (including his future wife, Bonnie) while earning his Bachelors in Communication at the University of Michigan.  Later, while working toward his Masters in Education at U of M, Jim became highly involved in educational technology and has used it in both the classroom and in the homes of his clients to help teach them how to use their technology.

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