Oct 12- B’riot Ha’kehilah: Community Wellness

The Women of TBE, through an incubator grant from Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) and with the support of private donations, developed a program called B’riot Ha’kehilah: Community Wellness. WTBE will host a series of programs to highlight mental health and wellness issues in our community. We plan to address issues such as suicide, sacred aging, and substance abuse.

Our programs this year focuses on suicide prevention and response. The first program is scheduled for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, from 3:00pm – 5:00pm at TBE, with refreshments to follow. The program will feature information about detecting warning signs for suicide and how to respond, as well as how to talk with the grieving family.  Experts from the U of M Depression Center and TBE’s social worker, Marissa Quigg, LMSW, will provide information about how to identify and provide support to those who may be at increased risk for suicidal thoughts and behavior.

We will also hear from the Halpert family, who lost their son to suicide two years ago. They have been developing a center called Garrett’s Space that addresses gaps in treatment for young adults with mental health issues. The center will offer group and individual therapy, holistic options for relieving stress and promoting wellness, and support for families and friends.

All in the community are welcome to attend. For more information, contact our TBE office at: 734 665-4744.

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